Thursday, May 1, 2008


achmoonij Or is this article, while informative (I guess), completely.. uhhh, dumb?  Why in the world, if we were planning to dole out Achmoonijihad and his lock stepping minion some 'ass whoopin' would we advertise it?  I know that's what Pelosi and her pillow biting, bed wetting gaggle of 'tards would like, but c'mon.

"The focus of our efforts to combat the supplying of arms, the training of terrorists in Iraq by the Iranians continues to be within the confines of Iraq," Morrell said.

Gates flatly denied on Tuesday that the Pentagon was preparing for military strikes against Iran.

But he said the arrival of the USS Abraham Lincoln in the Gulf, briefly raising the number of US carriers there to two, should be seen as a "reminder" of US military power.  More here

I'm not making light of the threat Iran is posing, they have a huge, highly trained, well hardened military that should not be taken lightly with their threats, unlike us, they don't have a hoard of defeatist scumbags infecting their society, they're pretty much down with the struggle if you know what I mean.

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